2016 Totals – 31 December 2016

Since 2014, I’ve posted my yearly totals on Facebook.  However, since I have a blog now, I figured I’d go more in depth.  I also shamelessly copied some of Lionel Sanders blog format for my use.

Here’s the direct gouge from FB – I used Strava to get these numbers, and these come directly from Garmin and flow into Training Peaks as well – I would consider these numbers harmonized across all platforms.  I also only counted SBR totals, not strength/yoga/etc.

2016 Totals:
Swim – 317,679 yards –> 180.5 miles // 102 Hours // 159 Swims
Bike – 1830 miles // 159 Hours // 148 Rides
Run – 908.6 miles // 127 Hours // 179 Runs
Races – 17 (11 triathlons–> 1x HIM, 1x IM, 6x Olympic, 3x sprint)
Total – 2919.1 miles
Total Time – 388 hours

For comparison, I’ve put the 2015 figures below:

2015 Totals:
Swim – 320,710 yards –> 182.22 miles
Bike – 2418.8 miles
Run – 909.6 miles
Races – 13 (10 triathlons–> 3x HIM, 1x IM, 1 OWS, 2 bike TTs)
Total – 3510.62 miles
Total Time – 442 hours

My 2016 volume is a little less than 2015.  My lack of consistency in training is the big culprit, but I did improve my full IM time so I am pleased with that.  As I noted in an earlier blog post, 2017 will be getting back to basics – consistency, enjoying the process, and having fun.

Here’s some more of the “nerdy” info for those who like to crunch the numbers like me:

Strava Log is here

Looking at 2016’s PMC always gives a good idea of what happened during the year.  My fitness steadily progressed even though I raced heavily during the spring and summer.  I started burning out in August after USAT Nationals, so coach and I decided to take a slight break.  This coincidentally happened the same time as the new World of Warcraft Expansion came out on 31 August (whoops).

After a bit of a slump, I completed Superfrog 70.3 on fumes and went sub-5 (by 9 seconds…but it still counts).  I started gearing back up for full IM training in mid-August and started to rally until IMAZ.  Suffice to say, my fitness was not even close to my potential for IMAZ, so I need to work on holding it together better in the future. Kudos to Coach Mike for keeping me on track, I’m a big pain in the ass to coach sometimes but he has faith in me and it helps.

Overall, 2016 was a good year, and I’ll be learning from my mistakes to make 2017 a better year!

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