2017 Race Schedule – 14 December 2016

I finalized the first half of my 2017 race schedule until May.  I’ll use Oceanside 70.3 to shake things out and then Santa Rosa 70.3 as my first real test to see what I can do.  After May, we’ll see what happens.  If I do well enough to qualify for 70.3 WC, then I’ll race Chattanooga in September.  If I don’t qualify by May, then I plan on doing Santa Cruz 70.3 and Superfrog 70.3.  After triathlon season ends in September, I plan on a running campaign for the fall to murder a half marathon in late November or early December.  I sprinkled in a few other races here and there, so we’ll see how the summer and fall look after May.

2017 Focus – Racing less this year to focus on consistent training, improving top end, less tapering/recovery and more quality

1.15.17 – Carlsbad Half Marathon

2.7.17 – Redondo Beach 5k/10k Superbowl

3.4 – 3.10.17 – Solvang Triathlon Camp

3.20.17 – Superseal (104 days from 12.5.2016)

4.1.17 – Oceanside 70.3 (117 days from 12.5.2016)

5.13.17 – Santa Rosa 70.3


After Vineman 70.3, I haven’t committed to anything yet…the rest of the season is up in the air

7.9.17 – Boilermaker 15k in New York (for friends)

8.12.17 – USAT Nationals (?)

9.9.17 – 70.3 WC??? (Ha – I’d like to!) (Travel Race #2 or #3 if lucky)

9.10.17 – Santa Cruz 70.3 (if I don’t qualify for WC)

9.17.17 – Nautica Malibu Olympic Triathlon

9.24.17 – Superfrog 70.3

Post Superfrog – Run a half marathon very fast, aim for late November or early December

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